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Who is Trey Hannam

Former New York Mets Hitting coach & D1 Assistant, now one of the most sought after private hitting coaches in the country. Training college recruits, MLB top prospects & MLB players.

Building up a hitter's developmental focus on both sides of the ball; Mentally & Physically. Building trust & confidence for each hitter knowing they now have a thoughtful plan to go forward with! 

"Kid I previously told you about made team USA Midwest this year is a subscriber to your service. Absolutely loves it. Parents have to pull him off" Trey replies "Hilarious, how good is that. You know that's a lifetime goal of mine and why I create this opportunity. Wish I had it growing up, always a plan to go off of instead of guessing. Thank you!"

Youth Player comments from Coach
Team USA Midwest

"Hitters should work with Trey because he teaches you how to adjust for what you need in the box instead of just tell you. He's a hard worker that loves the game & gives you all he's got"

Jake Mangum
Minor League Player - All-Time SEC Hits Leader

"I have had the pleasure of hitting w/ Trey and texting video to him over the past couple years. He is a brilliant hitting mind and has the ability to not only improve mechanics but improve a hitters mindset in the box as well regardless of age! He has helped me improve greatly through 1o n 1 instruction but as well as the countless hours of content he puts out for free on social media."

Josh Stowers
2nd Round pick from Louisville, AA w/ Rangers


Money back guarantee on custom plan

Guarantee terms: Fulfill requirements if all questions are answered + videos sent during training, game. Full refund if not satisfied with Trey's completion of the package as a whole


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